KARACHI: Sindhpost has once again exposed the corruption being ruled at the Cliftons Sub-Registrar office of Sindh Revenue department.

In a video, it can be seen that a citizen is giving bribery to four officers at the Clifton revenue department in order to obtain sub-power of attorney for his property.

A junior clerk of sub-registrar office is telling the client categories i.e. super urgent and urgent for the transfer of property.

The video reveals that the clerk who issues receipts is also asking for bribe from client Mazhar Rajpar. A peon is also seen asking for money just to transfer file from one table to another.

According to Sindh Post sources, all officers seen in the video are not government employees except only Mazhar Rajpar and the office peon seen in the video are government employees while the others are privately hired by Ismail Rahupoto to take bribe from citizens.