LARKANA: Can you imagine a private school without a regular administrative head? The answer is obviously a big no since the private sector earns through schools. But when it comes to government schools in Sindh there are hundreds of institutions operating without regular heads, teachers and that too for years.

A government high school in Ehsan Wahan village of Larkanas Tehsil Dokri is closed for the last four years due to non-availability/absence of teachers.

Our correspondent in Larkana Ayaz Khoso had traveled some 33 kilometers from the city to uncover negligence of the Sindh education department and found that the school, now giving a deserted look, is in dilapidated condition with almost all the boundary walls are broken.

The school also lacks all basic educational facilities such as electricity, classrooms, furniture, washrooms and clean drinking water.

Hundreds of students from Ehsan Wahan village and other nearby villages had got enrolled at the school when it started. Later, teachers at the school gradually got themselves transferred to city schools, locals told Sindh Post.

Village people say students had to leave the school due to the non-availability of teachers.
The children of poor farmers and labourers suffered the most as they have been out of the school for the last four years.

Residents of the area told this scribe that in the last four years, they wrote several applications to the authorities concerned to provide teachers but no action was taken.
When this correspondent was in the village, several residents gathered and raised slogans against the provincial education department.

Labourers and farmers appealed to Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah to take notice of the situation and appoint teachers.

In Sindh province around 100,000 students leave school in the first month every year due to the absence of basic facilities.

Reportedly, delayed funds disbursement, flawed estimates, poor teaching standards, dilapidated buildings, inoperative toilets, tenuous access to power and scores of out-of-school children continue to bedevil education in the province.

Socrates once said: The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.

Report: Ayaz Khoso