KARACHI: Sindh Post has traced out the leakage of 130 million gallons of Water of Karachi.

According to sources, Deputy Managing Director Water Board Asadullah Khan spearheading the plan to stop 130 million gallons of water consumption by the people of Karachi, as the metropolitan is receiving only 460 gallons of water.

The water supply which begins from Haleji Pumping Water station reduces to 460 gallons of water while reaching to Dhabeji pumping station. The well placed sources reveal the alleged involvement of water board officials who later created a pretext of water loss to initiate a new water project worth 65 million gallons of water.

That water project was not to cater the loss of 130 million gallons of water but to enjoy commission with a plan to incur 11 billion rupees on the people of Karachi.


It is pertinent to mention that Justice(R) Ameer Hani— who is the head of Supreme Court’s constituted water commission board had dismissed the Project Director Zafar Paleejo- expressing no-confidence over the latter.