Web Desk: Faisal Edhi, chairman of the Edhi Foundation and son of the late humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi has rebuffed all sexual harassment allegations leveled by A female journalist Urooj zia against him.

Talking to Sindhpost Faisal said added that, Its a fake story. I dont even know the girl. And I dont even recall meeting her.”

It must be noted that a female journalist had accused Faisal Edhi of harassing her when she was younger.

Taking to Twitter, Urooj Zia, a journalist based in Karachi, wrote, Since this is all coming out, #MeToo too many times than I can count, but this one is about Faisal Edhi, Abdus Sattar Edhis son the guy heading the Edhi Foundation now. It happened when I was very young (22 or 23 years old, I think.)

Narrating her encounter with Faisal, she wrote, I was the only woman in the Partys Karachi Committee. Funds were always short in the Party. We were told that Faisal Edhi was a Leftie, and he wanted to support us. I was asked to go meet him; I agreed, since I worked close to their Tower center (I was a reporter at The News).

Faisal Edhi further said that these tactics are for just to defame Edhi foundation.