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Stand back, Sanju Baawa… Your hair transplant or graft whatever you call it, those cat shavings on your head are downright blasphemous.

Sanjay, stand back there is a Ganjay coming through, and he’s taking over, kicking ass and taking names.

No holding back, on the attack, No if’s but’s and maybe’s… get ready for Ganjay babies.

After you lay your eyes on the masterpiece and your ears immerse in the old familiar vocal stylings, the slogan of a nation of bald men united under the anthem chanting, shouting and jubilant, “Hum hain ganjay”.

Naeem Abbas Rufi is a Pakistani singer. Rufi has released three albums including an honorary album dedicated to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He has also a established playback singer in television and film industry. In 2016 Rufi marked his Coke Studio debut as a featured artist in season 9, as a part of team Shuja Haider.

Rufi had released the popular bald-man anthem “Hum hain ganjay” a decade ago but back by popular demand after constant requests on his facebook page, Naeem Abbas Rufi has released a remix version of the hit song titled “Ganjay Returns 2018”.

I for one have been staring at the mirror and replaying the song again and again on my phone as tears of happiness and utmost joy roll down my cheeks.

Released on August 19th a few day prior to Eid, the song is destined to give growing pains to it’s competitors and can be a cult hit down the line.

The new version also includes a hip-hop sizzle with Talha Younis paying homage to the ‘Rap God’ Eminem and Sanjay Dutt, a.k.a Ganjay Dutt, a.k.a Ganju. (I respect you baawa)

The song goes on to give a self assuring and brave message of being and staying happy in your own skin, ‘Knowing Yourself’ understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and fears, your desires and dreams. It means being aware of your eccentricities and idiosyncrasies, your likes and dislikes, and your tolerances and limitations.

Knowing yourself means knowing your purpose in life, and that is what “Ganjay” is all about, giving up and not caring about your inhibitions, being comfortable and happy with who and what you are. It’s a spiritual and universal message of self hood and self actualization.

It’s a roar, A battle cry and a call to arms for those who have been looked down upon or demoralized due to hair-loss, those taunted for this uncontrollable natural course of action, who have been made a laughing stock, tormented, sidelined, and judged due to appearance.

It is a song, for the ages, one to be owned and be proud of, turn your speakers on, let the world know and rejoice in the fact, “Hum hain ganjay.”

Link to the most awaited anthem :

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