BY: Hamid Mir

Someone accept it or not but the reality is Imran Khan has brought change in the largest province of Pakistan. However, it has not been decided yet what type of benefit is achieved by Punjab province, but change is a change. As a Man indicating towards the change it was quite weird for me. Once upon a time, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar met with CM Balochistan Jaam Kamal, both inquired about each others good health in their mother tongue— Balochi language.

CM Punjab Usman Buzdars speaking of Balochi language suddenly brought smile on my face and reminded me the pain of some politicians and intellectuals of Punjab which they usually express in a disappointing way about Usman Buzdar. It was used to be said earlier that as former CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif had made Dost Muhammad Khosa as CM Punjab in 2008 for a few days, in a same way Usman Buzdar was made CM by Jahangir Tareen for few weeks and after getting clean chit from Supreme Court (SC) he will become Chief Minister of Punjab, but neither Tareen got the clean chit from SC nor Buzdar was made CM Punjab on Jahangir’s recommendation. After three months again the news making rounds is, Buzadar is a dummy CM and someone else is dealing the matters of Punjab.

One private news channel anchor said about Usman Buzdar; that he [Buzdar] does not have any power, whereas Governor Punjab and one senior minister is enjoying the status of CM Punjab. In a very polite way Usman Buzdar said, so if you think that they[I] dont have any power, so give some of your issues to them[me] and ask them to resolve it, with the same time he also mentioned that he usually does walk with Governor Punjab in evening.

Imran Khan is the real power behind Buzdars support and no one can do anything against Buzdar until unless PM Imran is backing Buzdar. But if Usman Buzdar did not improve his performance in Punjab he can become the reason of downfall for Imran Khan. The people calling Buzdar as a sign of political deterioration in Punjab, but if you consider on their language you will see the signs of ideological and journalistic decline in our society.

This skepticism is not limited to Pakistan only; you will find these infractions in the surrounding countries as well which is turning everyone in the nation into an extremist. The religious groups use bullying and threats and those who parade around as Liberal/Secular will also be seen spreading lies and disinformation.

Poet of the East, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and The Lion of Mysore, Haider Ali Tipu’s birth anniversaries are celebrated in November. This year filthy propaganda was hurled at Iqbal in Pakistan and lies were concocted against Tipu’s history in India. The sad part is, it has become increasingly difficult to levy blame and speak truth on and about powerful quarters but salacious campaigns against Iqbal have become increasingly easier. It was said that Iqbal was against Art, Philosophy and Science… he was an enemy of freedom of speech and expression and he quoted hadiths and quranic verses in his poetry very casually and carelessly.

I will not go into the details of it, I would just say that a great admirer of Iqbal and retired Bureaucrat Tariq Pirzada was infuriated after reading these accusations and found out the people involved in running this systematic campaign. These people are currently engrossed on the Khadim Rizvi issue, this lobby’s own ideology and oratory is not far removed from that of Khadim.

At one end BJP and RSS are desecrating Tipu’s name in India on his birthday, calling him a murderer and enemy of Hindus and demanded that celebrations of remembrance being held in Tipu’s name be stopped. India’s famous poet Javed Akhtar got really upset with the development and said that Tipu during American war of Independence helped Benjamin Franklin monetarily and militarily, he also sent Benjamin a letter. RSS rejected Javed’s claim to which Javed tweeted, RSS have always sought forgiveness from the English and sent them letters for it. On this an RSS sympathizer, Waqas Sarawat claimed that one of Javed’s ancestor, Maulana Fazal Haq Khairabadi also pleaded for forgiveness from the English.

The same Allama Iqbal who praised Tipu Sultan in his Kalaam is being belittled by few in Pakistan, but simultaneously extremist and seculars who could not devalued the importance of Tipu Sultan, similarly by spitting over the moon of intellect set by Allama Iqbal; their all efforts will go in vain. But as the numbers of the spitting people rises, it eventually makes a living hell to live between them. Therefore, as it becomes complex to live, we should strive to clean the mind pollution along with environmental pollution. Once upon a time, few progressive poets tried to denounce Iqbal, but Faiz Ahmed Faiz came at odds against them and with full conviction defended the poet of the east. Today Faiz is not among us, but the month of November is here along with observing the memories of Iqbal. Hence, it is important to defend Iqbal as we defend Faiz. Iqbal was a human being, and with all weaknesses he can be criticized, but defaming him with concocted allegations can’t be allowed. Hurling baseless allegations on the messenger of the ‘Khudi Philosophy’ is by itself an atrocity. Allegations that Iqbal was anti-freedom of speech, who also gave ‘irresponsible reference of Quranic verses’ is injustice and lies against him. Iqbal core crime was:

خودی کا سر نہاں لا الہ الا اللہ

خودی ہے تیغِ فساں لا الہ الا اللہ

Whatever is happening against Tipu Sultan in India gives us the chance to offer thanks to Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam who bestowed upon us the dream of Pakistan and its execution. But ironically, few thankless intellectuals like the BJP, RSS have tried to change the course of history by lying blatantly. Iqbal was a sinner but a real lover of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). A lover of Prophet Muhamamd(PBUH) can’t be called anti-freedom of speech just because Iqbal denounced and condemned blasphemy of the beloved Prophet (PBUH). Moreover, now the European court has given verdict that blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can’t be permitted over the pretext of freedom of speech. Therefore, enemies of Iqbal must stop spitting over the moon.