KARACHI: An infant successfully underwent a bone marrow transplant at the National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplantation (NIBD) in Karachi.

The infant had been diagnosed with Omens Syndrome (SCID RAG-2 homozygous) when he was 12 days old in June 2018.

The child, who is the youngest in Pakistan to ever undergo the treatment, was donated a part of the marrow by his mother.

According to Dr Tahir Sultan Shamsi of NIBD, the child has fully recovered after receiving the haploidentical BMT from his mother.

NIBDs youngest BMT recipient. His elder sibling died last year. Omens Syndrome (SCID RAG-2 homozygous) at diagnosis when he was 12 days old in June 18. And now fully recovered after haploidentical BMT from mother. Normal lymphocyte count now. Today, 150 days after BMT, he tweeted.