Web-Desk: A set of phone calls has been leaked, which implicates the alleged involvement of Deputy Inspector General of Sindh Crime Branch, Ghulam Sarwar Jamali, involved in directing targeted transfers of head constables, if they don’t comply with his orders.

Furthermore, Jamali has been accused of embezzlement by police officials seeking money from his subordinates to retain their allotted designation.

In a letter written to the prime minister Imran Khan, the police officials requested the former to take action against the DIG Jamali in accordance with the serious allegation hurled against the latter.

However, talking to the Sindh Post exclusively the DIG dismissed the allegations pertaining to abuse of power, saying that the head constables, who had been transferred, completed their scheduled three years tenure.

“The allegations hurled against me are baseless,” asserted the DIG while talking to Sindh post exclusively.