Web-Desk: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has activated its Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) to crack down against counterfeit mobile phone usage and discourage phone theft.

The authority, in a press release, said, The aim of DIRBS is to curtail the counterfeit mobile phone usage, discourage mobile phones theft and protect consumer interest and in line with Telecom policy 2015, issued by Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom section 9.6, PTA has developed/established a system DIRBS.

DIRBS is a forward working solution and is designed to cater for no service interruption for all Pakistani cellular mobile service users, the press release stated.

After DIRBS implementation on 1st of December 2018, any new mobile device programmed with a non-standard IMEI number will be considered as non-compliant device and shall not be allowed any mobile connectivity/service in Pakistani territory as per PTA/DIRBS regulations.

Here are some ways you can obtain your mobile devices IMEI:

Dial *#06# from the dial pad of device and note down each 15-digit IMEI
IMEI is also printed on the device box.
IMEI is printed on the inside of a device and can be viewed by removing the back cover/ battery.