HYDERABAD: A group of riotous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers attacked protesting journalists outside the Railway station Hyderabad upon Sheikh Rasheeds arrival.

According to Sindhpost, Hyderabad based journalists registered a strong protest over non-payment of salaries and sacking of media workers as railway minister reached Hyderabad chamber of commerce and railway station.

In a video it can be seen that private guards of Sheikh Rasheed and PTI Hyderabad chapter workers are pushing and thrashing journalists protesting for their due right.

Adviser to the Chief Minister on law and order Murtaza Wahab has condemned the attack on journalists in Hyderabad.

PTI govt first made media workers jobless and now they are doing attacks on them, he said.

Earlier, all three groups of the Karachi Union of Journalists and the Karachi Press Club’s (KPC) Joint Action Committee barred Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry from entering the KPC.

According to a statement issued by the committee’s convener and KPC secretary, the decision was announced as part of the final round of protest against the federal government for the ongoing “layoffs, delayed payment of salaries and pay cuts being imposed on journalists with the support of media organisations and some media workers”.

In a similar move made by the Lahore Press Club (LPC) on Wednesday, a statement was issued by the Joint Action Committee to ban the information minister’s entry at the club.