By |Hamid Mir|

Everyone has created a ruckus of “I”. I am everything. If not me then there is nothing, truthfulness has ended on me, everyone else are liars. I am the only one who understands what ails the nation, everyone else are frauds. If I get power by sitting on someone else’s shoulders then it’s okay, if someone else uses the same crutch and ousts me then they are enemies of democracy. If I do an NRO then it’s good but when someone else does it, he is an opportunist, exploiter and brown noser.

Everywhere there is sloganeering of “I”. One says dollar has hiked, the stock market plummeted because I am not in the government. The other says do not be startled by the dollar prices because I am at the helm of affairs, have some patience I will make everything alright. In this battle of ego’s the egg and chicken Idea was also ridiculed.

The egg and chicken plan came up in Imran Khan’s speech last week where he was addressing his government’s first 100 day performance and also told his vision for the coming 5 years. He said during the speech that we will train the rural populace and the poor how to raise chickens, the poor and needy will earn a living by selling chickens and eggs. I got a feeling that I had heard this all before. I concentrated hard but could not think of where I heard it.

The PM started discussing calf, sheep, buffaloes and fish after eggs and chicken. The women in front of him representing PTI started smiling perhaps because the egg and chicken idea was a new thing to them. Maybe because most of them belong to the urban cities. The evening commemorating government’s 100 day performance was dragged to late hours.

The lack of planning and commotion at the event was giving some good that came in the 100 day period a bad name, The PM was again and again promising to end corruption. Maybe he was unaware that the convention he was standing in and speaking at was also made under PPP’s second tenure in government and some leaders of PPP also went to jail for embezzling funds from the project.

After hearing the speech made by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government minister surprised me with the laughter, saying that PM has presented the plan to shut down Hamza Shehbazs poultry business. I was still in shock, as the minister tried to mitigate by concerns saying that you know very well, that Hamza is the king of Punjabs poultry. He controls the prices of Broiler Chickens, therefore PM Imrans vision for farm hen will put the full stop to Hamzas business.

I then laughed over the assertions passed by the minister and said that if the vision of PM Imran is to alleviate poverty then the scheme is not bad, as the only mission should be to end the poverty rather eying Hamzas business. As the discussion was continuing, my cell ranged by the Punjabs Bureaucrat who apprised me that PM Imrans announcement on the vision of breeding chicken and buffalos were basically the vision of Shehbaz Sharif.

As the ex- CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif invested million worth of rupees over the hen farming and Imran Khan presented this vision as of him. My Bureaucrat friend was quite angry as I felt the sourness in his tongue. He was looking more a Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) aide rather a government servant. I for a while thought to crack a joke and asked that Shehbaz could not end the poverty with this scheme, so will Imran?? My Bureaucrat friend exhibited a pretending laughter and sought permission to leave.

I remember when Shehbaz Sharif introduced the chickens scheme in 2016. He announced to give four hens and one Rooster to students of Punjab Government schools through scheme, beside that he also announced money to feed chicks and allotted hatchery. When Punjab livestock and education department introduced the particular scheme in 1000 government girls schools, Doctor Farzana Bari raised objection that Punjab government instead of giving education to girls forcing them to work on poultry, so that they should stick at home.

When the debate get started on it, the people who were in favor of this scheme discussed the Bill gates scheme who had distributed chickens in many countries of Africa in order to control poverty. Before that Shehbaz Sharif also distributed buffalos and cows among poor people’s through cattle scheme. But, after that he diverted his focus towards big projects like Orange Line Scheme and he didn’t mentioned his Buffalo’s and cattle schemes in 2018 election campaign. But still one can find that particular advertisements at various places.

So, PM Imran did the same while discussing chickens and buffalos in his speech as Shehbaz did when he was CM Punjab. But instead of taking credit of it Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (N) started out point scoring on it by criticising PTI. PPP also took part in the controversy although Asif Ali Zardari himself loves to nurture Chickens, buffalos, camels and horses.

So, the vision provided by PM Imran regarding eggs and Chickens is actually the vision of Shehbaz Sharif. PML-N made fun of Shehbaz’s vision while mocking Imran Khan. So instead of becoming depressed, just enjoy the moment, because it’s only solution we have right now.