ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday disposed of the suo motu notice on the implementation of the 2011 Memogate scandal.

During the hearing, a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and comprising Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Ijazul Ahsan observed that it is upto the state whether it wants to bring back former ambassador Hussain Haqqani.

The case has been wrapped up after none of the petitioners appeared before the court in the case in which former PM Nawaz Sharif, Qaumi Watan Party and several others were petitioners.

The top judge inquired that why none of the petitioners appeared for the hearing? The additional attorney general told the court that the case involves a lot of sensitive matters.

The Chief Justice observed that an ambassador had written a memo and questioned if the government was feeling any threat from this memo?

Chief Justice Khosa added that is the state, Constitution, Pakistan Army and democracy were so weak that they are shaken by the memo.

He observed that now it is upto the state whether it wants to go after the suspect and bring him back.

The bench remarked that if someone had committed an high treason, then the state should conduct an inquiry.