By: Hamid Mir

This was a difficult question which I asked myself but the answer to this difficult question was a very easy one and I got it very quickly. The question was, can a Pakistani businessman buy a mosque in a foreign country and then tear it down to make a church instead?

This was not only difficult, rather it was impossible. Mosques are only fell in India where muslims are in a minority and they don’t even have the decency to buy the land on which the mosque stands rather they go about and take the land by force, illegally. Whereas in a muslim majority country where a mosque is bought and then demolished to form a church and/or a temple is extremely difficult.

Why did this question rise in my mind? I was informed that a Pakistani origin businessman Anil Mussarat bought a church in Britain.

The regime of the church was told that a commercial building will be replacing the church but he made a mosque their instead. When I inquired about the story from Anil Mussarat then he confirmed that he indeed bought a church and wanted to make a commercial plaza in its place but then a religious personality came to me and asked me to make a mosque there instead.

This was a difficult decision for him as he had bought the land for commercial purposes but after the religious personalities intervention he talked to the regime of the church and asked for their approval to build a mosque.

The church thought for a long time on the issue and gave their permission for the mosque to be built. Afterwards, Anil Mussarat along with a few friends got a mosque built on the place and never used it to gain prominence. Anil say’s Britain has less muslims but more Islam because the justice here is more prevalent.

If you work diligently and with focus then you can make a lot of money here. I had read on the social media that he was a very mysterious man and he was also labelled as an Indian agent but then it was made known that his biggest crime was being Imran Khan’s friend. He was born in Manchester but his family is from Gojrah. He Married to Faisalabadi Woman. He started business in United Kingdom and achieved success but when his name came in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, people started criticizing him.

Few days ago one PML-N member in Capital talk show claimed that what is the link of one Indian based citizen, Aneel Musrat with Naya Pakistan Housing project? His secret friendship details with Indian actresses were revealed in Ek Din Geo Kai Sath program hosted by Sohail Warraich. Aneel Mussarat in the program admitted about his friendship with some Indian actresses but denied any link with Indian politics. He wanted to attend the wedding ceremony of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in India but before that he hosted Dam Fund raising program in Manchester with his friends.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar was to attend this program as guest and Geo news to broadcast Live Telethon of Dam Fund raising.

When I reached Manchester to host live telethon I came to know that CJP Mian Saqib Nisar is already in UK and people are spreading speculations about him on Social Media and Aneel Mussarat with his friends hosted the Dam Fund Raising program in Manchester.

When local journalist telephoned me and frightened me that people are busy in criticising Aneel Mussarat and CJP Nisar on social media and they will not leave you as well if they saw you with both of them, it is better you should leave the Dam Fund Raising program by making an excuse of health. In response I told him that Jang and Geo from past many years are trying to raise awareness on Water scarcity in Pakistan and I have conducted many programmes on the issue of water crisis before the Dam fund was established.

Now, if Dam fund is being collected then rendering professional service through the platform of my channel is not my commitment but a national cause. One personality contacted and said that they will lodge protest against me during the telethon conference, as CJP Saqib Nisar ridiculed senior journalist Hussain Naqi. I informed him that i had already conveyed the reservations of journalist fraternity which led the CJP to say that Hussain Naqi holds the status of a teacher because the journalist community believes him to be in that way.

The chapter was closed then. We also showed solidarity with Hussain Naqi in National Press Club Islamabad, therefore politics over his name should be stopped. When I came to Manchester I realized that the CJP Saqib Nisar Diamer Bhasha Dam initiative is under so many conspiracies. Let it be clear that that Sindh, Balochistan and KhyberPakhtunKhuwah’s assemblies have not presented any resolution against Diamer Bhasha Dam. Their resolution was against KalaBagh Dam, hence likening Diamer Dam with Kalabagh will create hurdles for raising funds for the former.

Before fund raising ceremony, Aneel Mussarat anticipated collection of 0.7 to 0.8 pounds. Our Telethon was to be started at 7: 00 PM but Chief Justice arrived at 8: 00 PM. But the collection extended to 2 million pounds as Pakistanis gave cheques signed, surprising Aneel Musarrat. Two Million pounds converted to Pakistan’s currency makes worth of 26 crores PKR. While returning back home, I advised Aneel Musarrat to stay away from Pakistan’s politics if he wants more success. Serve Pakistan not Pakistan’s politicians.