File Photo: Ghulam Qadir Thebo
                   Aftab Channa

After watching news nearly after one month of appointment of Ghulam Qadir Thebo again removed from the appointment as chief of Karachi Police. In mid July, Mushtaq Maher was replaced with Ghulam Qadir Thebo after a substantial reshuffle took place in the Sindh police department.

I needed to understand why concerned people are putting city of Karachi under siege. After a month when Karachi crime rate was under control and there was sigh of relief, the leader of this department again dreamt for reshuffle. Is current decision biased? Did he bother to check CPLC crime rate comparison? I am worried he did not. I am confident to say that while taking the lead change, he did not seriously check crime rate control during the month of July-Aug— casting another cloud over the process of merit. Or mere “reward for cronyism” that again there is a reshuffle.

“Personal relationship” is a yard stick for appointments now. It’s raised concerns for me about, who can effectively lead this department at this particular moment in time? I feel as concerned authorities are not even bothered that how to endure a fresh wave of criticism. This is shocking that when citizens of the city just had discussions about this person being a quality chief, again there is a reshuffle.

Being a peaceful citizen and a journalist I am dealing with disgusting circumstances or looming insecurity that upset me greatly. I believe that the leadership at this time is critical in order to build confidence that the culture of cronyism could be disastrous.

There is lack of transparency. The impression is merit but promotions are not truly based on merit, rather than clout you hold in the department or who you know.

Once the city has used merit promotions, with the stated goal — in supervisory positions. Question arises: what is behind the scenes? Consulted or otherwise being apprised?

Peaceful citizens of the city didn’t understand the need for Thebo’s change.