KHAIRPUR: Zulfikar Wassan, the main accused in Rimsha Wassan murder case, has confessed to killing the teenage girl, Sindh post reported.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Khairpur Umar Tufail, Wassan murdered Rimsha under the pretext of honour. The police said that Wassan had also killed a man named Javed Jaskani and a girl Babra Wassan in 2012.

Umar Tufail Khan termed the arrest of the main accused as historic achievement of Khairpur Police.

“The said criminal had been committing various heinous crimes for last 25 years,” said the SSP.

“He had been involved and nominated in 20 different heinous crimes including murder, kidnapping for ransom, ATA, robberies, dacoities and was wanted by police in numerous cases,” claims Tufail.

Earlier today, Khairpur police arrested the prime suspect in Rimsha murder case.

According to SSP Khairpur Umar Tufail Khan, after four days of continuous and sustained efforts of Khairpur Police, a special team headed by ASP Dr Muhammad Imran Khan and ASP City Khairpur, carried out a successful targeted operation in which the main nominated accused namely, Zulfiqar Wassan s/o Shahnawaz Wassan has been arrested.

Few days ago, 13-year-old girl Rimsha Wassan was shot dead by a nephew of former PPP minister Manzoor Wassan at her hometown, Sindh Post reported.

As per details, Rimsha Wassan allegedly was killed by Zulfiqar Wassan, who is relative of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Manzoor Wassan.

As per the news circulating on social media, Rimsha from Khairpur was kidnapped by Zulfiqar Wassan. He kept the girl at his place and allegedly raped her.

However, according to the deceased mother, Wassan family was afraid that Rimsha might proceed with her case in court, which may damage the image of the influential family.

In a video circulating on social media, Rimshas mother told that she tried to stop them and showed them the Holy Book (Quran), but they didnt listen and kidnapped her daughter from her home.

Feeling threatened by Rimshas possible legal action against her, she was murdered in broad daylight with nine bullets piercing through the innocents vulnerable delicate body.

SSP Umar Tufail has labelled the murder as the case of honour killing without any prior investigation.

It has also been learnt that the accused is also nominated in already 20 other cases.

After the post went viral on social media, people started demanding justice for the bereaved family.