Karachi: At least 2000 employees of Malir Development authority are deprived of their salaries since last four months. Employees hired in PPP government are living in extreme economic crisis, Sindh post has learnt.

According to sources the authority is under strong financial crisis and have no more funds to pay the staff salaries. sources also confirm that the employees are now being forced to quit by stopping salaries.

The employees told Public voice team that despite of many appeals to Managing Director and the Minister but we are not heard yet. Employees also told Sindh post that they are left with nothing to eat at home, their stoves are cold and children hungry. is this the manifesto of “Food, clothing and shelter”, questioned effected employees.

They appealed chairman Pakistan Peoples party Bilawal Bhutto to take action in this matter as they are given jobs by their government and now their meal is being snatched. Many employees warned that they will commit suicide if not heard.

The Sindh Post tried to get the opinion of the Minister for local Government Jam Khan shoro but his phone remained unattended.