By: |Hamid Mir|

It was a cold evening; I was seated in a senior politician’s drawing room listening to his interesting output. The fire in the conversation was not short of a volcanoes mouth for me, because the politician was not from the opposition rather the government. A person on an important position when is criticising it’s governmnets own incompetency then the heat exhuming from his words feel pleasantly warm, but that evening I had to attend a dinner.

I kept asking his permission to leave but he kept on instigating interesting conversations which held me from leaving from which sometimes Imran Khan and other times Usman Buzdar seemed like the most inexperienced leaders of all. Their beginning is foretelling their end. This senior politican was also a part of Asif Zardari’s government and was also at an important position in the Nawaz era.

His words gave a feeling that Imran Khan was doing exactly what Zardari and Nawaz had in the past and it will end up bringing the same fate as theirs. I kept insisting my host that you should atleast give six months to your government, we can hold you accountable after six months, the host begrudgingly said, thanks to Nawaz and Zardari’s differences we are united, if they become one we will be scattered like beads.

I told my age old friend that he should let Imran Khan know about his reservations. Two days after he even met Imran but I could not know if he had shared what was in his heart with the PM because most of his complains were with regards to non-governmental interference in governmental matters, of which Jehangir Tareen topped the list. Jehangir Tareen was declared unfit to run for elections on corruption charges, he should not be seen with a PM who keeps on talking against corruption. But, all of governments ills can’t be burdened on mere Tareen.

Has JKT ordered the FIA to close down Asghar Khan Case? FIA is under Imran Khan and when Khan was in the opposition he used to tell us that PPP and PMLN leaderships were corrupt and hence were not pursuing the Asghar Khan Case, only I can take the case forward. When Khan ascended the PM seat, The FIA came directly under his supervision and that same organization is saying that the case should be closed due to non-availability of evidence. Treason case against Musharraf too faces such dilemma.

Taking this case forwards is up to the Interior Ministry but it seems like the minister of interior is not interested in pursuing it at all. Musharraf’s lawyer Farogh Naseem is now the minister for law so how can this case be pursued further? PPP too has maintained silence on the issue. PMLN registered a case of mutiny against Musharraf and let him run off. All of this is due to a silent pact which involves the PM, Interior Minister, CM Punjab and Army Chief Raheel Sharif were involved. It is absolutely wrong to say that the Supreme Court let Musharraf run away to a foreign land although the court can order his repatriation. Musharraf is desecrated in the country due to an NRO which he signed as an Army Chief.

This announcement was actually an agreement, but in Pakistani politics the silent agreements have long history. I am a big fan of Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy but he did many NROs after the creation of Pakistan. His did first NRO by doing alliance at that time Kings party (Republican party). His second NRO was when then governor general Ghulam Ahmed was trying to dissolve the legislative assembly of Pakistan, he sent our aged editor Z. A. Suleri to Huseyn Suhrawardy. Suhrawardy demanded to dissolve the assembly which was published in Pakistan times and Assembly was dissolved. Speaker National Assembly Maulvi Tamizuddin filed an appeal in Sindh High Court (SHC) which gave verdict against Ghulam Muhammad, but the apex court chief justice Munir introduced ‘doctrine of necessity’ and declared the decision of Ghulam Ahmed as legal. (For more details read book Advocate Kanwar Intezar Ahmed Khan’s book (Eman Firosh Jajao ki Dastan).

After the fall of East Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman Commission was formed. This commission focused on the political and military aspects of the commission and recommended to initiate probe against General Yahya Khan, General Abdul Hameed Khan, General Pirzada, General Gul Hasan, General Ghulam Umar and General Mitha Khan for doing revolt against Ayub’s regime on March 25, 1969.

Akleem Akhtar known as General Rani and others name were also in the commission report which were closed to General Yahya. Bhutto government house arrest General Rani and General Yahya but didn’t launched any inquiry against them. S.M Zafar was their lawyer. He wrote in his book “Meray Mashoor Muqadmay” that General Rani was facing allegations like, awarding contract of Tarbela Dam, using government plane and for making properties in Saudi Arabia. Yahya Khan was accuse of breaching constitution, but no cases was launched against them. When S.M Zafar challenged General Rani and General Yahya’s house arrest in court, government ends their house arrest. Is this wasn’t an NRO? But Zulfikar Ali Bhutto awarded death sentence due to this NRO.

Whenever who had taken an NRO or given an NRO they remained in loss instead of getting favor. Nawaz did NRO with Musharraf and left for Saudi Arabia. Today he is again in jail. Asif Ali Zardari also sustained an NRO with Musharraf, today once again he is facing corruption allegations and concerns of arrest. Imran Kahn who always opposed NRO but don’t know with whom he is doing an NRO in Asghar Khan case. On the other hand his policy is not different with Nawaz, Zardari in Pervez Musharraf treason case. By adopting this policy Imran can make his government stronger, but he will not be able to form supremacy of law in Pakistan. The Supremacy of law means there should be an equal law for everyone.

Nawaz Sharif get sentence from court but he didnt confess his crime. Asad Durrani accepted for distributing money among politicians as an ISI chief, SC has ordered inquiry against him, but no action has been taken against him. SC declared Musharraf guilty for breaching constitution, but he was not sentenced. The surety of Imran Khans political existence depends on supremacy of law instead of silent NROs. If what I say seems like a madman’s dream then ignore them, but remember one thing they will treat you in a same way like what they did with Zardari and Nawaz.