New York: Yahoo admits another breach into its data security system in 2013 , resulting a theft of One billion email addresses, Passwords even with hashtags, encrypted or unencrypted security questions, date of births explained by chief information security officer Bob Lord.

He also clarified that none of the plain text passwords, bank accounts or credit card data was leaked.

Lord said some of that activity was linked to the same state-sponsored actor believed to be responsible for the 2014 theft of 500 million accounts. No specific country has been blamed for those attacks, and there was no indication a foreign government had sponsored the 1 billion breach.

“We are notifying potentially affected users and have taken steps to secure their accounts, including requiring users to change their passwords. We have also invalidated unencrypted security questions and answers so that they cannot be used to access an account,” Lord added. “With respect to the cookie forging activity, we invalidated the forged cookies and hardened our systems to secure them against similar attacks

After this breaking news Yahoo’s $4.8 billion deal with Verizon seems shaking and the company may re negotiate on the stock purchase deal.