Web Desk: A petrol pump has been standing for more than three decades smack-dab in the middle of the National Highway adjacent to a busy Quaid-E-Azam Park which is property of Pakistan Steel Mills.

Residents have complained numerous times against the oddly placed structure but no worthwhile action has even been taken.

The petrol station initially held no logo and had just one pump installed which caught dust, no apparent staff could be seen operating it either.

With time the station hand-painted a PSO (Pakistan State Oil) Logo on it’s walls which at best seemed like an amateur paint job rather than a designated and officiated PSO run establishment, only 3 minutes away from this dusty old Petrol Pump is a proper PSO run station, there is also one right opposite to it.

Anti-Encroachment drive is in full effect in Karachi and has reached the housing colony of Steel Mills, Steel Town and a residential area adjacent to it which is also managed by Steel Mills, Gulshan e Hadeed.

The National Highway being one of the busiest, oldest and most well structured roadway in Karachi is undergoing some maintenance operations as we speak, the length of the maintenance stretches up to almost 5 kilometres, coincidentaly, it starts a few meters away from the Petrol Pump and still no one notices it’s odd placement and lack of activity.

Residents have testified that the petrol station is mostly inactive and seldom do they witness a vehicle stopping by for gas and petrol.

The area is notorious for housing a lot of illegal residents around the vicinity with make-shift houses built right opposite to the the Quaid e Azam Park namely called Pipri Goth, many such Goths have popped up with time at this once seemingly empty and far flung place.

It remains to be seen if proper action will be taken against the odd Petrol Station running under the garb of PSO or will it be left standing due to unforeseen sources backing it up and keeping it standing against all odds.