BY: Hamid Mir

Truth is not merely something which you find likeable. Sometimes, one should be willing to accept some bitter truth which is not to one’s liking. Unpleasant truths may be buried for a while but it can never remain hidden forever. Truth is also not reliant on a court’s ruling, truth is just that, truth. Sometimes they end up as question marks infront of the courts themselves. The Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) has asked th Supreme court to close the Asghar Khan Case because those politicians who benefitted and took money from I.S.I have denied the allegations and the banking records cannot be recovered.

On the request of FIA, the Supreme Court may close the case but it cannot erase the truth which is, Asghar Khan Case. In the year 2012, the Supreme Court had ordered investigations against former ISI and Army chiefs of the Pakistan Army, Assad Durrani and Aslam Baig respectively. FIA was also directed to conduct a thorough inquiry from the politicians who were beneficiaries of the distributed money.

It was PPP’s government in the year 2012, the interior ministry was being run by Rehman Malik, Malik was not to keen on implementing the court’s ruling pertaining to the case. Imran Khan was in the opposition at the time and kept reiterating the need for following court orders in Asghar Khan Case.

Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister in the year 2013, He was mentioned in the list of beneficiary politicians who were allegedly taking money from the ISI to fulfill national obligations from 1990 to 1993. He gave a statement to FIA and denied all allegations, although the FIA failed to track down the officer of the Armed Forces who carried the money to Nawaz Sharif despite the fact that Asad Durrani had already confessed to paying PPP and PML-N politicians who were dissidents.

General Aslam Baig and Durrani are held accountable from a court, or not but during hearings for the case during 1996 – 2012, the evidence and statements presented in the court told that Aslam Baig and Durrani interfered with political matters and betrayed their oat.

Imran Khan assumed office in 2018. Everyone was hopeful that Khan would ensure Asghar Khan Case ruling’s implementation but an institute directly under his control has asked the SC to close the case. The records of the case are only 25 year old.

If the FIA has failed to recover 25 year old record then why form a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) against deposed Nawaz in a 32 year old PakPattan land allotment case and how would it gather evidence? If this team succeeds in bringing some evidence forth against Nawaz then transgressors and heathens like me will be seen saying, you were unable to recover 25 year old record in the Asghar Khan Case but managed to gather evidence on a 32 year old land allotment case due to the fact that you want to save General Aslam Baig and General Asad Durrani. Then you will find what we say, unsavory.

You will label us traitors and enemies of the state again in effort to suppress the truth but not all truths are reliant on court judgments.

General Aslam Baig and Durrani are held accountable from a court, or not but during hearings for the case during 1996 – 2012, the evidence and statements presented in the court told that Aslam Baig and Durrani interfered with political matters and betrayed their oath.

The Apex court in its 2012 verdict had observed that soldiers of Pakistani army should protect the constitution of Pakistan as well beside the borders. If government fails to take any action against General Aslam Baig and General Asad Durani in Asghar Khan case than they will also not take any action former General Pervez Musharraf for breaching constitution of Pakistan.

Yes, they will take action against politicians opponent to Imran Khan. FIA failed to gather information against politicians who took money from General Asad Durani on the orders of General Aslam Baig, but yes they have found everything against Asif Zardari and son Bilawal that’s why they have placed their names on ECL, after which they cannot travel abroad. The allegations levelled against Bilawal and Asif Zardari in the JIT report haven’t proved yet in any court, but Imran and company have started planning to bring No-confidence motion against PPP government in Sindh.

This indication from PTI to bring No- confidence motion against PPP also means that they just want to defect PPP MPA’s by discussing the allegations made in JIT report on Media. However, PPP has rejected the JIT report, but if Sindh bank had given loans to Anwar Majeed by violating the laws so what was Sindh goivt doing at that time? The importance of JIT report in Fake Bank accounts case will not decrease by the aggressive speeches of PPP leaders. Asif Zardari and Bilawal have to provide documentary evidences in reply of allegations made against them in the JIT report.

As Aslam Baig and Asad Durrani cannot be declared as innocent on the orders of FIA in Asghar Khan case, in the same way it is difficult to neglect the JIT report of Fake Bank accounts case on the sayings of Bilawal and Asif Zardari. I know it’s very difficult to challenge the JIT report allegations in court as one official who made report said that Court will give not give verdict before 2 years on the references filed in court. one thing is for sure that Omni Group was involved in making Fake bank accounts and Sindh bank had given erroneous loans . Because to hide the truth is like betraying yourself.

You should also not be disloyal to yourself. If there would have been equal law and constitution, FIA must have found evidences in Asghar Khan case. These evidences were not found, because Nawaz Sharif had already been sentenced in Al-Azizia case. They have achieved the cause. Now, they just want to save Aslam Baig and Asad Durrani that’s why they have recommended to close the case. Musharraf was not held accountable as law and constitution is not equal for all in this country. Asif Zardari will be sentenced too. They claim big with honour for getting evidences against Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, but when it comes to Musharraf, Aslam Baig and Durrani, our fighters seem a little distraught and ashamed and behind that ashamed gaze is a smiling Rao Anwar. So MR! today’s disliked reality is, law is not equal for everyone and everyone is watching this reality.