Karachi: A reader in Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur’s office Ghulam Sarwar Khoonharo has claimed that he was tortured by a feud naming Asghar Halepoto, (who is also a District chairman) in Badin circuit house on Thursday January 19, 2017. He was also transported to his private torture cell in his village Kapri Mori and kept there for hours. This all was happening before the police officials of Badin, He claimed

District Chairman Asghar Halepoto____File Photo
 In video received by Public voice team shows the alleged victim Mr. Khoonharo appealing for Justice from the highest court of Pakistan. In his video message he claims that on the said date he was staying in the Circuit house. He saw the said Feud was beating a Judge and he also slapped the judge’s wife.


Victim’s Video Appeal

After this act of brutality Mr. Khoonharo claims that he interfered and over his interference he was tortured. later a police official Khaliq Jarwar got me released and I was being transported in police vehicle for hours.