Author: Omaima Afzal

Here I am talking about a real matter that matters, I wanted to share a simple fact everything starts with a thought that turns in to actions, actions then turn into habits which eventually shapes personality isnt it?! So the root is our thought and we shouldn’t be worried about it as we can change our thinking.

We can replace our negative thoughts with positive ones, its very easy but we need to understand that what we are doing is right, we don’t want to think what others think about us, if we are standing with the right thing then Be confident, be yourself and feel free to say or free to do anything at any time.

But unfortunately we live in a complex world and our society is even more complex but we ignore the fact and Called it the modern world. We believe in rights but when someone is trying to convey their story or explaining their point of view, we become selfish and compare it with our vision. We all are gradually becoming like robots and here is a valid Reason because in this modern era we basically dont want to accept the fact that every person is unique and holds a right to state their opinion without any fear. Where in these crucial times we should be more welcoming. We create these standards and this causes fear in people so much so that they cant voice their opinions because guess what this society is quite judgmental.

Our youth today needs to create an environment where they must feel fearless so they can talk about their creative ideas and opinions freely. We should give them space and learn to appreciate the fact that Every other human is unique in its own selves. In this fast-moving world, we should Becomefearless and accept our uniqueness and turn it into our power and share our perspectives freely even if everyone is against us. If we think about reflections of life are fair and right and will somehow benefit this robotic human world, then I believe we should stand and embrace our feelings and explain it to the world without any fear. It is ok to be afraid Sometimes but we need to focus on the truest reality that we all are the same but what makes us different is the way we think and the way we present ourselves to this world.

About all you can do in life is who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all.
Rita Mae Brown

We have heard this phrase Be Yourself so many times in our lives and it is the most commonly used phrase, it sounds amazing but its neither that easy nor that difficult at the same time so firstly the question arises is why do we need to be ourselves? The answer to it is there has been no one exactly like you since human life has started, every human is different and has different mindset, abilities and capabilities. Every human is unique and has different talents and abilities, but sadly do you know what we are not being ourselves in some cases we have hidden in a layer of concealer or sometimes we are being someone else. Do you know why is that so? because we are afraid to be judged, bullied and the fear of criticism overwhelms us, the fear that we wont be accepted of what we are because we are taught we are not good enough. The identity that we create and present to the world doesnt always match what we feel inside this is because we are not being ourselves. If we only focus on all the reasons why we are not good enough we will never have the opportunity to unveil ourselves and grow into the people we want to be. Our parents, people and society wants us to think and look and behave as they want us to be rather than letting us be ourselves, but do you know the strange part they also say be yourself by cutting our wings they ask us to fly.

As it may seem difficult at first, one has the courage to accept the fact of what you are not as someone else thinks you should be. Just to fit in do not pretend to be someone for the sake of acceptance. Im sharing my experience, when I got admission in university willingly I made a group with certain people, later on I found that they werent of my type because I started becoming like what they want me to be, adopting their lifestyle trying hard to impress them by changing myself but then I realized oh my God what Im doing to myself Im losing myself and this was kind of a torture. As soon as I realized everything is wrong in my life I just remove the layer of concealer and would you believe there was a drastic change I was carefree, happy and contented, courage and had confidence in my life and precisely you can say I was Being myself.

Being yourself means who you are, the way you want to live, your abilities and to tell yourself yes you are good enough. This quote is quite satisfying and one of my favorites so far:

When you are content to be simply yourself and dont compare and compete, everyone will respect you.

Fake Lao Tzu

Always believe in the liberation of fear not in liberation is fear but keeping in view the boundaries. Believe me, seriously it doesnt mean to become a rebel but it is simply like doing your values, pursuing your dreams. Remember a great life grows from an authentic one. Let the real you come out and play because you got to live only ones.