By: Hamid Mir

There was hue and cry over the term of U-turn in Pakistan, Opposers were busy shouting that what has Imran’s government done besides taking U-turns for the past 3 months?

Those who were heavily reliant on foreign loans to run state affair in their respective tenures were now busy asking questions, why is Imran busy in touring foreign countries in search of loans and monetary benefits when he himself had said that he would rather commit suicide than ask for loans.

We too enjoyed this verbal jousting and dug out the previous speeches of Imran where he can be seen making these claims against foreign loans and perhaps to answer his critics Khan sahab had to say that, I did not take a U-turn rather changed some tactics, but we were not ready to listen.

We danced in ecstasy and demanded answers from Imran Khan and taunted Imran for taking U-turns and the opposition too started demanding answers from the government after first 100 days, the implementation of those tasks is next to impossible in even 5 years.

Imran Khan’s first 100 days were near completion when on 27th November the gates of Wagah border were opened and a tall, handsome Navjot Singh Sindhu walked through chanting slogans “Great, My friend Imran, Great” and went to Kartarpur Shrine with a smile on his face where Imran Khan laid the foundation to Kartarpur Peace Corridor.

The entire Sikh Community of the world is thankful to Imran Khan on this initiative, Navjot Singh is repeatedly saying that Khan has given them the entire world. PML-N in 2013 had also announced to open the Kartarpur Corridor.

At the time Indian Prime Minister came, hugged Nawaz Sharif and left. Kartarpur Peace Corridor remained closed, but Imran Khan has opened this pathway to peace in the first 3 months of his tenure. Imran is being congratulated and felicitated around the globe for this act.


This time Modi government does not have any chance to escape, as Elections are near in India and Navjot Singh Sidhu raised the Kartapur issue on the right time which forced Indian government to open the border from Gordaspur.

The hug between COAS Bajwa and Sidhu at PM Imran’s oath taking ceremony made the dream fulfilled for Sikh community. The hug worked in a mean time. Now just wait and watch. Millions of Sikh have started loving Imran Khan infact, the sikhs in UK have offered to donate for Dam fund if Pakistani government would announce to make dam in the name of Baba Guru Nanak in Pakistan.

The Kartapur is important for Sikhs as Makkah and Madina for Muslims. So, Sidhu has become hero for all those all follows Baba Guru Nanak. One Indian Journalist who came to attend groundbreaking ceremony of Kartapur corridor in Pakistan told me that the step taken by Sidhu will help him in Indian politics and with the same time he also helped Imran and Sidhu now can become chief minister of Punjab easily.

Sidhu as Punjab CM will help the return of Congress in province. Because Congress failed to achieve success in Punjab after the Blue Star operation against Sikhs in 1984 and the murder of Indra Gandhi.

Navjot Singh Sidhu started his political career from BJP in 2004, as he managed to win the seat from Amritsar. Sidhu faced a lot of up and down in his political career as he was accused in murder case which led him to resign from his seat. Later, the court relieved him from charges and eventually he won and regained his seat.

BJP in 2016 sent Sidhu back to Rajiya Sabha instead of Lok Sabha so that he could not become the Punjabs Chief Minister. With rising differences with BJP, Sidhu left the party in 2017 and said good bye to Rajiya Sabha. He then joined Congress and invited more danger towards him but managed to win seat on Congress ticket.

Sidhu not only in Indian Punjab, but has become a new face of congress in entire India. If Rahul Gandhi manages to retrieve the support of Muslims and Sikhs via Sidhu, then he can change the entire shape of Indian politics. BJPs extremist approach has strengthened the party but cost India too much. With the return of Congress in Punjab, Modi will become weak but would benefit India to be strong. Congress has to quit its established traditional stance over Jammu Kashmir and should seek to initiate just like the Kartarpur corridor a project like Sialkot-Jammu corridor to make Muzaffargarh, Sri Nagar a corridor of prosperity. As Allama Iqbal said about Guru Nanak:

آہ! شودر کیلئے ہندوستاں غم خانہ ہے

درد انسانی سے اس بستی کا دل بیگانہ ہے

برہمن سرشار ہے اب تک مئے پندار میں

شمع گوتم جل رہی ہے محفل اغیار میں

بتکدہ پھر بعد مدت کے مگر روشن ہوا

نورِ ابراہیم سے آزر کا گھر روشن ہوا

پھر اُٹھی آخر صدا توحید کی پنجاب سے

Today the adherents of Guru Nanak are happy. If the lovers of Nanak and Gautum start coming to Pakistan so it will not only benefit Imran but the entire Country. Therefore Imran must look for new avenues of peace initiative beyond Kartarpur project. To make a Naya Pakistan more peace corridors are required. Naya Pakistan will only be made through peace corridors, but surely not by filling political opponents in jail.