Written By: Hamid Mir

People were banging the desk in the National Assembly on a speech by one of Imran Khan’s supporter’s and the ministers were glancing looks at each other of helplessness. I started rewinding an old film of past incidents in my head, I kept thinking the Muslim League members are not banging the desks rather their heads, scratching at there faces. Imran Khan’s superiority in the National Assembly stands of BNP (Mengal’s) four seats.

The leader of this party gave his vote of confidence to Imran Khan but stayed away from parlaimentary affairs till the promises made to him are upheld which the PTI has written down and agreed upon with the BNP, the agreement consists of 6 points and retreival and return of missing persons is one of them. Last Friday, Akhtar Mengal again stood up to deliver a speech in the assembly and I thought that he would again bring up the case of missing people in Balochistan and it’s increase but when he demanded PML (N’s) Khwaja Saad Rafique’s production orders then the opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif was first in line to bang the desk.

Akhtar Mengal was addressing the Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser that this is a parliament and not a Mughal Era setting and following the rules of the parliament you must issue production orders of Saad Rafique. A day ago when the opposition leader demanded the same thing then the speaker had said that he needs time to go over details of the arrangment with the law ministry but his delibaration had consumed a lot of time.

Akhtar Mengal had been made aware that Asad Qaiser had been stopped from issuing production orders of Saad Rafique. The government wanted that the humiliation that they had suffered after naming Shehbaz Sharif the head of Public Accounts Committee does not increase after Khwaja Saad Rafique’s arrival in the parliament. Akhtar Mengal was of the opinion that Asad Qaiser had already issued production orders of a person previously apprehended by NAB for inquiry and issuing orders for Saad will benifit the government rather than harming it.

Parliament alley’s were full of whispers that the next session will not see the issuance of Khwaja Saad Rafique’s production and that is when Akhar Mengal decided to speak the truth that no one else dared speak.

In 1998 Akhtar Mengal spoke the same truth which he is speaking now. At that time Nawaz Sharif was the Prime Minister and Akhtar Mengal was the Chief Minister Balochistan. When Nuclear test was experimented in Chagai mountains, Mengal was then kept uniformed.

Then at that time Akhat Mengal contended that the chief executive of the province was kept oblivious from the nuclear test. He even questioned why the elected representatives of Balochistan were not asked ? Instead addressing concerns of the CM, the then premier conveyed the message to the former to resign from his chief ministry.

Akhtar Mengal hardly completed his 1 and a half year of his tenure and was punished for offending Nawaz. He was also threatened to be removed via no-confidence motion. Akhtar Mengal rather choosing horse-trading thought better to resign. Akhat Mengals father Sardar Ataullah Mengal was made the CM Balochistan in 1972.

It was the same government which announced to make Urdu the national language of the province. Later, Bhutto dismissed the Balochistans government after 9 months and then through the Supreme Court Bhutto banned the National Awami Party (NAP). If NAP was not banned then, it would have easily become a federal party. But to end a federal party many provincial and local parties were created.

Today that outlawed NAP factions is BNP(Mengal), one party is ANP, National Party, some created a socialist party, some became a separatist and some militants. The blame of making of federal weak could not be fixed over a dictator or a politician. All the State organs has weakened the federal. You can take Akhtar Mengal as a evidence. The blame of whatever he and his party suffered could not be placed on one individual or over any institution. Whoever got the chance to overpower did what he could do. Some people ask why Akhtar Mengal has so much pain over the missing persons ? His own brother is fighting against the state.

I want to ask them that you didnt forgotten the brother who did rebellion against state, but on the other hand why you have forgot the another brother which was kidnapped by state in 1976?

Ive written it earlier also and will say again that anxiety occurred in Balochistan when elected government of Sardar Attaullah Mengal was dismissed. To end the unrest Son of SardarAttaullahMengal, AssadullahMengal was arrested from Balakh Sher Mazaris home in Karachi.

When then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto asked from then Army chief General Tikka Khan about the disappearance of AsadullahMengal, General advised Bhutto to remain silent on that issue as he got injured during the arrest and had been buried between Karachi to Quetta. But, Bhutto exposed all the story in his book Afwah or Haqqiqtat the time when he was in jail.

They used to present Bhutto in a cage in front of LHC chief Justice. After so many years, Akhtar Mengal was also presented before court in cage during Musharraf regime. At that time MianSoomro, Zubeda Jalal and Sheikh Rasheed was in Musharraf government. Today these all are sitting in Imrans cabinet and the votes of Akhtar Mengal has given support to this government.۔

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Zia-ul-haq, Musharraf they all hurt Akhtar Mengal, but still Mengal is trying to the politics of centre.

He wanted to get rid of old cage and take fresh air of environment but now it looks like the whole parliament is prisoned in cage. When he speaks about issuing protection orders of Khawaja SaadRafique in parliament, the whole PMLN supports him, but when he talks about missing Persons in Parliament, PMLN remains silent. PMLN, PPP are the parties they talk about democracy when they see their own interest in danger. But Akhtar Mengal usually stands with these parties by forgetting his own interest and when these all parties used to thump desks I take it as they are thumping their heads, clawing their face. The detainees in cage usually used to thump their heads and claw their face.