WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that we can talk about a possible exchange of Aafia Siddiqui with Dr Shakil Afridi with the United States (US) government.

Talking to an American TV channel, the premier said, Shakil Afridi is detained under espionage charges.

On a question over Osama Bin Laden, he said, We were allies of the US and Washington should have taken Islamabad into confidence before conducting an operation.

The US President Donald Trump is a good and straight forward man and our delegation was pleased to meet POTUS, he added.

Referring to Afghan issue he said, The people of Afghanistan are a victim of war since the past four decades and they need peace.

Tehreek-e-Taliban is a local movement and they should get an equal chance to represent the people of Afghanistan, he further added.

Pakistan does not want a war between Iran and the US as the region is already affected by the wars, by adding that Islamabad wants a peaceful resolution of the conflicts, he concluded.