KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Thursday approved a summary proposing to remove vice chancellor Sindh University Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat from the post.

According to sources, Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah has signed the summary proposing to remove the VC Sindh University from post and the charge has been handed over to the in charge of Laar campus of the university named as Siddique Kalhoro.

The summary was sent to the Sindh CM by the universities and boards department for the urgent removal of Burfat from the post of the vice-chancellor because of his alleged involvement in the corruption scams.

However, the VC has denied the reports that he hasnt been given any such notice and will consult his lawyers in case of any development into the matter.

Earlier on November 19, 2018, the Sindh Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) on Monday completed the investigation of massive fraud and embezzlement of funds recorded in University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

According to our correspondent, the Anti-corruption department has highlighted corruption of more than 738 million rupees in the varsity.

As per the report, the varsity misused 450 million rupees by giving a contract to a private firm for Bus service.

The Varsity Bought Toyota fortune jeep for 6 million rupees from Universitys Budget.

Embezzled funds of 120 million rupees in the purchase of petroleum and other products.

The report reveals that a private Insurance company was given 1.1 million PKR illegally, Safdar Shah was given an unlawful sum of 2 million PKR from the faculty development fund.

Embezzlement of funds recorded in development projects. Misused 320 million rupees in illegal appointments and salaries.

Misappropriation of 10 million rupees recorded in different allowances.

More than 5 million rupees were spent on foreign visits. The expense of foreign visits was utilized from the University’s Budget.

0.8 Million RS worth of bills were paid by embezzlement. 5.5 Million was taken on the pretext of Scientific item purchasing.

VC Fateh Muhammad Burfat and convener of the tender Sarfaraz Solangi are being seen as the prime accused.

Professors, Umair Abro, Ex-manager Faheem Mughal, Masood Jamali, Shafi Mohammad Memon 25 others have also been indicted.

41 companies are also involved in the swindling, VC Burfat hired illegal employees varying from grade 1 to 22. Illegal hiring includes 11 grade holding 30 lab assistants.

Retired officials were re-hired and universities land was used for illegal housing.

Burfat purchased a luxury vehicle from the ill-gotten money. All embezzlement and unlawful acts come in the jurisdiction of Anti Corruption act.

It is pertinent to mention here that on the directions of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, the Anti-Corruption Department had initiated inquiry against Vice-Chancellor University of Sindh Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat on charges of misuse of authority, illegal appointments, postings and promotions and violation of rules.

According to the official record, at the time of joining of incumbent VC Dr Burfat in January 2017, there was a balance of Rs1.1 billion in 52 bank accounts of the university, but currently 27 accounts have zero balance and the universitys financial affairs are being run through overdraft, and in the current month, the salary of the employees was paid through bank loan. The official record further suggested that there was embezzlement in purchase of vehicles.