Shikarpur File Photo

Karachi: (Staff Reporter) Sindh Government has approved an amount of Rs. 5.7 billion for the betterment of drainage schemes of Larkana, Sukkur, Shikarpur including Rs. 35 million for Kotri combined effluent treatment plant.

The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah made such decision in a meeting called for the drainage issues of different cities in which the Chief Minister was briefed about the release of industries waste and other cities waste into the canal system of Sindh, through which people consume intoxicated water.

CM Sindh after being briefed about this serious health issue of the people approved RS. 1.4 billion for Sukkur Drainage out of which he ordered an immediate release of Rs. 25 million, an amount of Rs. 1.4 billion was also approved for Larkana. In the same meeting CM also approved RS. 2.6 billion for Hyderabad drainage out of which 1.28 billion will be spent on Qasimabad Drains.

The Shikarpur city has been in news recently for its failed drain system and drain floods in the city, for Shikarpur the Chief Minister Sindh approved Rs. 500 million.

This is not for the first time that government is approving such amount for the drainage schemes of Sindh. The government in its 9 year rule has already spent an amount of Rs. 1 trillion on the name of development in Sindh which also includes the drainage system of these cities. Due to favoritism in sanctioning contracts and leakage of funds through corruption the allocated amounts in the past have not favored the public yet.

Recently a Judicial commission formed by the Supreme court of Pakistan on the petition of well known lawyer Mr. Shahab Usto  has visited various cities of Sindh and in its remarks the commission has clearly said that the people of Sindh are consuming poisonous water due to in treated waste being drained into the canal system.