Written By: Hamid Mir

This is such a truth which may seem like a fairytale when you hear it, but this tale is the biggest reality of today. Eight of the richest people in the world are owners of more than half the wealth and resources in it. A while back this reality was presented by Oxford University’s (Oxfam) in a world economic forum yearly session and left the attendants awestruck.


The report detailed that the rich was getting richer and the poor was getting poorer, the report said that if this is not stopped than the societal divisions and fault lines will only increase. At one end poverty is increasing and on the other billionaires are increasing with each passing day.

Becoming a billionaire does not mean owning a billion riyals or a billion rupees. The international standard bearer is the dollar and a person have a billion dollars will be the one declared as such. In 2008 the world had 1125 billionaires. In 2018 the numbers have increased to 2754.

Most billionaires are in America, which makes around 680 of them. China comes second with 338 Billionaires. India ranks third where 101 billionaires are in existence. I was looking for a Pakistani in the list but could not find any.

Turkey has 29, Saudi Arabia has 10, UAE has 7, Kuwait has 4, Lebanon has four and Oman has 2 billionaires, even Bangladesh and Nepal house a billionaire each. Maybe the rich of Pakistan have their money hidden elsewhere, maybe because they have earned there wealth through illegal and unlawful means. The Oxford committee said that most billionaires are tax evaders. Tax evasion is rampant in a corrupt society.

Wherever there is corruption, the corrupt individuals make most hue and cry over corruption in such places that is irony. Topping the corruption list is North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libiya, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iraq, Angola and Congo. Bangladesh ranks 145 and Pakistan 116, whereas India ranks at 79th.

Billionaires are more in number where corruption is meager, the poor are also becoming increasingly scarce in those countries, the biggest example of which is India. A few years back the most number of poor people were found in India, now Nigeria has topped the list.

A country where the state helps an individual lawfully and lets him carry legal businesses with ease of doing business, jobs are generated, and poverty is decreased. Where the state spreads unlawfulness in the name of laws, businesses don’t flourish there and slowly the business community shifts there stakes elsewhere.

Reasons for a nation’s rise and fall one should read Edward Gumbs, ponder upon Arnold Tyne’s research, these western researches have agreed with Ibn Khaldun’s theory that when a strong minority reigns supreme on the resources of a nation then there is friction among the lower strata and these individuals who represent a minority become rulers of the majority and then chaos ensues and kingdoms fall. Deliberate a little, what have been the reasons for Pakistan’s trouble? Is the law and constitution equal for everyone?

Is political rulers didnt took revenge from their opponents in the name of accountability? The province which has so many minerals why it is facing poverty? Chaos takes place when someone doesnt get the answers of these questions. The chaos spread due to the injustice by powerful political family and just to hide their injustice they used to declare innocent people traitor. Due to which anarchy takes place in the society.

Just look at your parliament the majority sitting in the house elected by masses are belongs to elite class. These elite politicians becomes part of the every ruling party as they are loyal to power not with their nation. State honours the people who changed their loyalty and nation loses their trust on institutions of state. In this parliament treasury and opposition benches fighting with each other on corruption charges and the interesting thing is that both are accused of corruption charges.

They fight on the matters of who should become the chairman of public accounts committee, Standing committees issues, and to release the production orders of arrest members. Ruling and opposition parties sometimes passes resolution in support of Kashmiris but they will not discuss the matters of masses and will never do any legislation on it. Bureaucracy takes advantage of their negligence and by telling lies and lies they used to made rulers fool. The institutions which has to provide justice to people and to do accountability, if they are busy in making rulers happy by telling lies, so in this situation anxiety will increase or decrease?

Today someone is giving good news that Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif will be arrested soon, so as Bilawal will be behind bars. I want to say that arrest them 100 times, but tells us also will you recover the money from them which according to you they have in foreign countries? Some well-wishers had also arrested Asif Zardari in past but he was released afterwards as free and became president of Pakistan. Is they want to make Nawaz a Free man now? The country which doesnt have any billionaire how much money you will found from it? Do accountability but dont spread chaos on the name of accountability. Because, if you will send only leadership of opposition in jail they will emerge as hero and rulers will become zero as it happened in past.

News is also circulating that some accused from ruling parties will also go in jail, but there should be some JIT report or NAB references against them, otherwise it will only create anarchy in state. Supremacy of law and justice can eliminate the anarchy and chaos from the country. This is not only courts work but parliament has to come forward for it. To call someone burglar in parliament will not make the one thief. Parliament has to make a law, if a reference and JIT report made against someone proved as baseless then that particular person or team who made JIT report or Reference should be punished too. Pakistan will move forward from reality but not from fictions. In upcoming days some new stories are going to be revealed, but if these concocted stories were not proved in court it will increase more anarchy.