BY: |Hamid Mir|

Patients are increasing around us day by day. Behaving with foul language and threatening of physical harm due to difference of opinion, blame game, labeling and calling someone an infidel are becoming the norm. Our politics and journalism too has seen pragmatism being replaced with personal enmity whereas it has been noted that those who embroil themselves in personal vendettas don’t last long in politics.

See Imran Khan as an example, A lot of political Pandit’s and Gurus claimed that Imran Khan can never become the Prime Minister of this country. But he has silenced all his critics and now is the leader but he too sometimes tends to forget that he is leading the nation. Imran Khan’s tenure has hardly seen 100 days but the naysayers have already started saying that this government won’t complete it’s tenure.

How can Khan remain on the sidelines, he announced and hinted a possiblity of a mid-term election when there was not plausible need for this statement. Imran Khan is making speeches as if he is the opposition leader although he is at the helm of affairs. There are two major differences between Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif after assuming power, did not hold his government accountable or answerable for 3 years.

Imran Khan is busy in forcing a check and balance on his own governments hundred day performance. When Nawaz Sharif was not in the government, he engaged in a lot of media interviews but after coming into power he did not give a singular proper interview to a proper TV channel. Yes, he did use to take some journalists along on foreign tours and used to talk a little with them during flight.

Usually this mercy was shown upon those who were considered close to General Raheel Sharif, others were told that Democracy is in dire straits and the situation was too volatile so they would have to be patient. On the other hand Imran Khan has nothing to show for his 100 days or show pledges of allegiance, he had nothing much to offer but he agreed to an interview.

The real issue was to whom he should give interview first. It was decided that PM Imran should give joint interview to 5, 6 News channels so that no channel will complain about it. It was also decided that Pakistan Television will do the recording of the interview.

The anchors which were invited for the panel interview some of them raised objections on the inclusion of other news channels in the panel. They were of the view that first interview should be given to them. One female Anchor refused to sit in the panel interview. She insisted that first interview should be given to her as she thinks that she helped PTI in making government. But her self-made role was neglected by management.

Nawaz Sharif was very vigilant in terms of Media when he was in government. He had assigned some members of his government to respond on the matters rather than commenting on it personally. On the other hand Imran is speaking more after making it to the government and in the first interview he highlighted the weaknesses of government rather than counting the achievements in first 100 days. He disclosed his major weakness that State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is making rupee devolution without informing him.

My question was you are saying nation to not worry on the rupee devaluation, but tell us why should not we worry about it? His answer had increased confusion among nation. In the same interview he also claimed that Pakistan Army is standing behind PTIs mission. His selection of words was not correct. He should have said that Political leadership and Army are standing with each other or Government and Army are on one page.

His statement has created problems for Army because now opposition is demanding from Army to clarify the statement of PM Imran. Imrans criticism on CJP regarding the matter of Zulfi Bukhari and Usman Buzdar was also useless. If he had some reservations with Top court he should not have disclosed it publicly in the first 100 days. Some people will say it the simplicity of Imran and some will say it the foolish thing, but just think for a moment, Imran Khan could have censored his remarks about CJP Nisar as the interview was televised after the six hours of recording, but he didnt censored it and kept it original.

One of the media managers of Prime Minister was of the opinion to expunge the statements related to Chief Justice of Pakistan because that interview was to be broadcasted at Pakistan Television Corporation (State Channel), but finally it was agreed to broadcast the interview without any cut.

This was a good step but Imran Khan should have remembered that when Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) used to involve themselves in issuing statements for the courts, he used to come in their defense– defending their independence.

Whatever he said for the Chief Justice in the interview dispelled the perception that the government enjoys the support of every state institution. Those, who are blind in spreading hate against Tehreek-e-Insaf alleged Chief Justice along with others hatched the conspiracy in bringing forth Imran into power. Imrans recent statements have foiled this perception.

I asked many times to Imran that how can he give NRO as he does not have the power to do so ? Khan Sahab had no clear answer on this. Khan Sahab many times showed no-confidence over the NAB. The news is that NAB could not find evidence against Fawad Hassan Fawad. If no evidence is found against Fawad Hassan Fawad then who will get benefit from it.

Khan sahib want to amend NAB laws, create South Punjab province. For this goal he requires opposition support. If opposition helps in achieving a South Punjab province, it will eventually help PML(N) to form government in the central Punjab? This was the question where Imran said that if situation gets to that point, he will call for early elections.

He forgot, that in Sindh PTI is not in government and for early elections in Sindh, he would have to seek PPPs support. Khan must be left with himself. He must be held accountable after a year. He should be left happy enjoying Gunnah Tax on chain smokers. If he is able to rectify the ills of economy in within a year, then it will be a good thing for the country, otherwise this government would become a sin for Imran without any pleasure.