SHIKARPUR: Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Khanpur Rao Shafi Ullah on Tuesday embraced martyrdom in an ongoing operation to recover the missing renowned Sindhi folk singer, Jigar Jalal.

As per details, police conducted an operation to recover Jigar Jalal and his four accomplices in Shikarpurs Garhi Tegho area during which, DSP Shafi Ullah embraced martyrdom in exchange of fire with the dacoits.

The police officials have informed that the operation was conducted by the force from all over the district.

During the operation, DSP Khanpur and a constable were injured in an exchange of fire with the bandits who were immediately shifted to hospital. DSP Khanpur succumbed to his wounds and embraced martyrdom in the hospital later on.

However, the operation is still underway while the police have confirmed that few dacoits were also injured in the process.