Pakistan Peoples party’s young and energetic chairman spent his time restlessly in Naudero house by meeting different forums and communities of his constituency.

It was really such an embarrassing time spent by some ministers with the chairman.

During a meeting with Hindu community people cried of land grabbing issues being faced by the community.

Bilawal Bhutto not only recognized the issue but admitted that yes it is really a big issue. I also noticed it through social media.

He questioned strictly from Sohail Anwar Siyal that what he did during his tenure as a home minister?

Bilawal not only seemed concerned but angry on Former Home minister.

In another meeting with doctors forum a complaint came to him regarding no use of CT scan machine in the government Hospital.

“I was told everything is fine but thank God I am meeting you,” said Bilawal.

He again asked the authorities to resolve the issue.

Later on he chaired the meeting with provincial ministers from his party. He was briefed about various projects underway in the province.

Bilawal sternly ordered his party ministers to break barriers and give public access to them. He said that he has noticed a big gap of communication between public and ministers. He wanted narrow communication gaps.

Bilawal also inquired about different projects in his constituency, he was assured that he will definitely serve his voters restlessly.

BY: Shoukat Zardari