Garhi Khero, Sindh: (Public Voice) Employees of union council  Dodapur in tehsil Garhi Khero of distric Jacobabad are deprived of salaries since last nine months, Sindh post has learnt.

The employees are living in worst economic conditions without being paid a single penny and despite of many requests, are not being heard by the union council chairman Rais Ayaz Ahmed.

Chairman UC Dodapur Rais Ayaz Ahmed

There are total five employees in the union council  including secretary, clerk and two peons. One of the peon is seriously sick due to “tuberculosis” but chairman has denied the issue of salaries to any employee.

During investigation, the Public voice team found that the Chairman runs union council matters from the bungalow of Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto and he is allegedly involved in corruption of hundreds of thousands every month from the union council funds.

The union council recieves two hundred thousands rupees against OZT share each month but unfortunately its leaks out from the system without any check and balance.

Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto is expected to join Pakistan Threek I insaaf in  coming days but people using his residence and doing corruption may not be accepted by Imran Khan.