Hyderabad: Irshad Khaskheli, a resident of Hyderabad reaches Sindh Post Public Voice team. In a Video message he claims to be a brother of Niaz Khaskheli, who was killed in an allegedly fake police encounter after he surrendered him self for allegedly fake police complaints, esome 18 months ago.

Irshad in his video tells a  story ofcontineous police harassment and has blamed that police has illegally kidnapped his brother Zulfiqar Khaskheli without any warrants or any case.

Irshad seeming helpless in the video and questioned civil society, Judiciary, Government Officials and Journalists that where shall he go for justice?

Sindh Post stands with his voice and demands government for a fair inquiry.

In recent years Hyderabad police has made it a business to arrest people and them demand huge amounts of money. If people fail to comply either they are “Fully Fried” (shot dead in a fake encounter) or “half fried” (Disabled for life”.