SUJAWAL: Famous English linguist and drama writer Mushtaq Kamlani has been discovered in the area of Sujawal, Sindh wearing worn out clothes and begging for petty cash on the roadsides.

Mushtaq Kamlani a famous literary of yesteryear has been reduced to begging and living in abhorring conditions unfit for a human being.

It is reported that Kamlani’s house and plots all have been taken away from him by force leaving him practically for dead with barely the clothes on his back.

SSP Sujawal shares lunch with Mushtaq Kamlani

The writer tweets @MuhammadAliAzlan



  1. Sindh Govt and NGOs are requested to please take care of the Mr Mushtaq Kamlani out of thestate of affairs he is spending the days. you are requested to please make arrangements for his protection in future

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