NAWABSHAH: In a new video recieved by SindhPost, Affluent people of the Jamali tribe can be seen issuing ultimatums to the Sindh government over unresolved matters in the crucial case of sexual harrasment against a helpless student, Farzana Jamali.

There have been protests all across Sindh in solidarity with the victim, Farzana but due to the support of some powerful political figures of Sindh, the Vice Chancellor of Sindh and his cronies have gotten away unscathed, thus far.

The Jamali tribe in solidarity have given a unified statement in favor of Farzana over the Sindh government’s dubious role in the case.

“We will all cease to vote for the People’s party in the elections if this case is not resolved on merit,” they said.

The protester were demanding the removal of Vice Chancellor SBBU and a strict action against the teacher nominated in harassment case by a female student of Benazir University Nawabshah earlier this month.

CM Sindh formed an inquiry commission which has cleared VC and the teacher Amir Khattak from the accusations levied by Farzana.

A few days ago Civil Society and several Students waged protests outside the Karachi Press Club to remove the Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU) Nawabshah and take strict action against the teacher Amir Khattak for the alleged harassment.

Ijaz Jamali the father of the girl Farzana Jamali who was taken into custody after trying to talk with Vice Chancellor Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU) Nawabshah to seek justice for his daughter who is allegedly a victim of sexual harassment.

After Sindh Post’s efforts to bring the harassment incident to the forefront, Inspector General (IG) Sindh Amjad Javed Saleemi on Monday took notice of the alleged harassment of Farzana Jamali, a student of Nawabshah’s Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU) and FIRs were registered against Vice Chancellor SBBU and the teacher Amir Ali Khattak.

After video from Sindh Post went viral civil society and various student organizations staged protests through out the province.

The Sindh IG has summoned a detailed report from deputy inspector general (DIG) Shaheed Benazirabad.

Police failed to arrest the nominated criminals yet as VC has strong roots and protest is being held at the Press Club Nawabshah and other cities for their arrest.

Earlier, Farzana Jamali, a final year student of English at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, addressed a press conference and accused the head of her department, Professor Amir Ali Khattak, of harassing her for the past five months.

Further, the student said that when she told her father about the harassment she was facing, he tried to meet the vice chancellor and get to the root of the problem but initially was denied the meeting.

Later when the vice chancellor agreed to meet, he told her father to bury the issue, said Farzana during her press conference, a video of which has gone viral on social media.

She further alleged her father was arrested after he tried to complain and take the issue up with the vice chancellor.

Demanding justice, Jamali said, My education record is excellent and I was among 10 out of 43 students who passed their FPSC screening test.

“Why is this happening with me?” she pleaded.