Zohaib Jamali seen injured in the picture after the blast (Picture/Sindh Post).

NAWABSHAH: An ATC approves police’s plea to get the physical remand for seven days of the accused Arif Panhwar in yesterday’s blast near Habib Sugar Mills Nawabshah on Thursday.

However, the sister of accused Zohaib Jamali, Farzana Jamali who is fighting a legal battle against VC of her university and her teacher Amir Khattak neglected the possibility of his brother’s involvement in any such activity but she also told the media that if her brother is guilty they will not defend him.

Earlier today, police nominated three suspects in the bomb blast case, three suspects includes Zohaib Jamali who was injured in the the blast, his friend Arif Panhwar and his brother is said to be nominated in the FIR.

FIR was registered under anti-terrorism act against the suspects and police has arrested the Arif Panhwar and his brother while the third nominated suspect Zohaib Jamali who is the brother of Farzana Jamali the girl who is fighting her legal battle in a harassment case against the powerful Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU) and her teacher Amir Khattak is under treatment at Karachi.

A bomb blasted on Friday night near Habib Sugar Mills, Nawabshah, in which the brother of Farzana Jamali was injured in the process he was being reported dead earlier but according to family sources he was injured severely and was referred to Karachi for further medical treatment.

Iqbal Jamali (The uncle of Farzana Jamali) told Sindh Post that, “Zohaib Jamali is out of danger.”

“He has opened his eyes he is talking to us,” he added.

“Police has nominated my innocent nephew in the FIR to put a pressure on us but we will not back off from the harassment case,” he concluded.