Khairpur, Sindh: (Staff Report) Khairpur police has failed to implement high court orders issued for justified irrigation water distribution and implementation on water share list in tehsil Faiz Ganj, Sindh Post has learnt.

Farmers of watercourse No. 15 of Kot Laloo Branch, despite of many requests to the local police are still unable to get their fair share of irrigation water.

The residents of village Wali Mohammad Mari Ghulam Hussain, Nazakat and Bagh Ali Mari  told Sindh Post that Police is under the control of Feuds Naming Aijaz Mari, Riaz Mari, Ayub Mari, Ayaz Mari and Munawar Mari, who are running state within a state in the area.

The victims filed a contempt of court and on July 25, 2017, court strongly ordered the implementation and letters were sent to concerned SSP’s and SHO Kot Laaloo.

Sindh Post’s Public voice team tried to contact Aijaz Mari, DSP Faiz Ganj Ali Gul and SHO Kot Laloo Abdul Rahim’s phones went un attended.

We had once implemented the court orders in the presence of the police but it could not continue due to lack of police support, said irrigation in-charge Mola Bux.

The victims futher revealed that feud is continuously stealing irrigation water of 52 acres which includes a survey number 490 with 16 acres, survey number 601 and 614 comprising 32 acres and survey number 615/2 with 7 acres of land.