NEW YORK:(Ramzan Chandio) Speakers at a gathering held at a local hotel in New Jersey to celebrate his 114th birthday paid huge tribute to the founder of modern Sindhi nationalist movement, G. M. Syed, who struggled for the rights of the Sindh until the last breath of his life.

Jeay Sindh Qomi Mohaz (JSQM) organized a cake-cutting ceremony in the New Jersey, which witnessed the participation of Sindhi diaspora in large number including political and social activists, writers and others.

Bashir khan Junior performed the cake cutting along with all leaders and members of Sindhi disphora.

GM Syed Birthday program video

Renowned Journalist and writer Hassan Mujtaba readout his paper on the political and literary life of G. M. Syed, saying that he was beyond all kinds of biases and he had always listened to the opponents’ criticism.
Mr Mujtaba said that majority of the GM Syed’s opponent without reading his books became a bitter critic of his politics and the same way his followers became staunch supporter of his political path, continuing that so-called clergies had also issued a fatwa against G. M Syed without reading his books.
Mr. Mujtaba said that though G. M. Syed in his life also made blunders including being part of conspiracy to attack on religious minorities-Hindus through Masjid Manzil-Gah incident, but he never defended these mistakes.
Referring to the increasing menace of religious extremism and intolerance, he said that G. M. Syed during his visit of Austria in 1952 cautioned the world about danger of Religious extremism of the Pakistan in future, which the people of same country and others facing today.
He underlined the need for studying the GM Syed’s books.
Political and rights activist Munwar alias Sufi Leghari in his speech paid huge tribute to the G. M. Syed for his untiring struggle for the rights and self determination of our motherland Sindh.
He said that G. M. Syed’s life is an open book, who while remaining behind the bar openly voiced for creation of Sindh as separate and independent country on map of the world.
Mr Leghari further said that there was no any other political leader visible in the world like G. M. Syed, who had written 49 books on religion, Shah Latif’s poetry and other topics.
He also condemned the MQM London leader Altaf Hussain and his party for their alleged campaign of advertising in the USA for “free Karachi”, warning them to stay away from such dirty conspiracy against our motherland-Sindh.
JSQM America’s organizer Habib Bhutto puts light on the life of G. M. Syed, saying that he was torch bearer for the rights of Sindh.
He also warned the MQM London to stay away from hatching conspiracies against the Sindh.

SIndh United Party (SUP) organizer of America Zulfiqar Ali Khaskheli also condemned the Free Karachi advertisement displayed in Washington DC.
He demanded the government to arrest the culprits involved in the murders of his party’s senior office bearer Anwar Leghari and his son., alleging that the LEAs were behind killing of their activists.
Agh Dilsoz Baloch, political activist for the rights of Baloch people in his speech blamed the Punjab and Islamabad treating the smaller provinces as their colonies.
JSQM leaders Sarang Ansari, Atta Vistro and others also shade the light on the life of G.M Syed.
Meanwhile, the GM Syed Memorial Committee in collaboration with World Sindhi Congress (WSC) also organized a gathering to celebrate the 114th birthday of GM Syed in Houston, Texas.
Large number of Sindhi diaspora with their families participated in the gathering.