WEB DESK: The federal governments decision to reduce the holidays of the bankers for the upcoming month has created unrest among the employees, sources revealed on Friday.

The sources have claimed that the federal government has directed the banks to continue their operation on weekends for the next month to facilitate the customers in bio-metric verification and other relative affairs.

On the other hand, the banks have directed their employees to attend the offices on weekends and no compensation will be given to the employees.

It has been revealed that due to the ongoing biometric verification process campaign all private banks have decided to remain open on Saturdays and Sundays.

This has been done to facilitate people to verify their accounts biometrically and continue using banking services and to eliminate unknown bank accounts from the banking channel.

But in this whole process, the employees of the banks have to come on holidays and are supposed to work more than 60 hours a week which is 20 hours more than what is supposed to be average working time for a normal human being and on top of that they are not even being compensated for it.

Many of the bank employees expect the government to take action against opening on Sundays and the employees not being compensated for extra days they are supposed to work for.