Your diet is crucial in Ramazan. Although it is important what you eat for iftar and sehri, it is also important to look at what you eat and drink from iftar to sehri.

For a healthy Ramazan it is important to take enough liquids to avoid, headaches, dehydration, dizziness and fatigue. According to a dietician from Medipol University, a person should drink at least 2 liters of water every day hence, while breaking the fast one should drink one or two glasses of water and then drink the rest until sehri.

However, he said water is not the only drink that you can consume for a healthy Ramazan. Lassi and milk consumed one and a half hour after iftar can meet your liquid and protein needs.

Mineral water is also a healthy alternative refreshment. By drinking mineral water, you can retake the minerals that you lose through sweat. However, mineral water is not the only drink that can top up your mineral and vitamin storage. Try drinking fresh juice to boost your immune system during Ramazan.

Waking up for sehri may disturb your sleeping routine, so in order to regulate your sleep, you can drink one or two cups of lemon balm tea.

Since Ramazan coincides with hot spring weather, you might be in need of refreshment during iftar. You can drink lemonade but do not forget that it is not a good idea to add extra sugar to it. You might miss drinking tea and coffee the most while fasting but it is better to keep in mind that beverages that are high in caffeine decrease water levels in your body which makes fasting harder. If you are just fond of tea and coffee it is a good idea to drink them one or two hours after iftar and in moderation.