She came back to the country to take care of some unfinished business. The business being, she came back to die in her homeland. She came to mix her red blood of integrity in the soil of this land. A decade before Mohtarma’s martyrdom, 1997, Marxist intelluctual Ted Grant told Munnu Bhai in Spain’s city of Barcelona that Benazir will be murdered. Ted Grant and Munnu Bhai were together at a conference. Both were good friends. Ted Grant was one of the very first leftist philosophers who predicted Soviet Union’s disintegration.

Munnu Bhai inquired from Grant that has Benazir been ousted from Pakistan’s Politcis? Ted shook his head in denial but then said that Pakistan’s top brass will feel a need for Benazir once again, the powers that be will try and use her again and then she will be murdered. After a while Munnu Bhai told Benazir Bhutto of Ted’s analysis, that her mortal life was in danger. Mohtarama heard this and replied, “I am aware.”

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on December 27, 2007 in Rawalpindi. But, she declared the dangers to her life to me in great detail in 1990. This was a few weeks after her government was dissolved. She gave me an interview of Jang daily in Islamabad and told me that a conspiracy was being hatched for her execution.

Asif Ali Zardari was imprisoned and Mohtarma was being sent messages that she should abandon Zardari or the country otherwise she will be killed. When the threats increased Mohtarma handed over an year old Bilawal to her confidant Muhammad Basheer Riaz and directed him to leave for London with her child because his safety is also being threatened.

Basheer Riaz boarded a flight in the Philippines airline and arrived in London with an year old baby Bilawal and handed him over to his grandfather Hakim Ali Zardari who was under observation in a medical facility. I met Benazir a few days before her martyrdom in Islamabad.

She was very clear in saying that the attempt on her life had failed in Karachi and she will be targeted again. She said that General Musharraf was to be held accountable for her murder. I was shaken up after hearing this; she expressed hope that I will unmask her killers after her death.

I replied with shaking lips that Musharraf has already banned me and I am unable to appear on television and my newspaper is also under immense duress and I may not be able to bring the truth out in Pakistan but I will certainly speak it internationally. I urged Bibi to not play with fire and to take care of her life. She sipped on to some honey and lemon infused green tea and said that ‘I will not surrender’, they cannot scare me from death.

After this meeting a few days later, Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi held a gathering and Bibi was to preside. In the middle of 26th and 27th December Pervez Musharraf’s close aide came to meet Benazir Bhutto in Zardari House Islamabad and told her to stay clear of Liaquat Bagh as her life was in danger. Mohtarma told this senior Army official that, You should have said me to go for LiaquatBagh address and we will collectively foil the conspiracy of terrorists, but youre suggesting me to surrender. No, I will not do this and will go for my public address at LiaquatBagh. Then, she went LiaquataBagh. Addressed the gathering. Came out from LiaquatBagh and was assassinated.

Just few days before her assassination she announced to end the NRO through which she was successful to force Musharraf to resign as Army chief. The Musharrafs NRO was actual a betrayal. He only wanted to use PPP and doesnt wanted to make BB Prime Minister of Pakistan. Benazir was threatened when she returned to Pakistan against the wish of Musharraf. She was denial a security and when she came to know about the reality of an NRO she immediately ended dialogues with Musharraf. She was very much convinced about her death that she celebrated her Daughters Birthday earlier in December. According to the tradition of Sindh the spouses used to bury along with their Husbands. Shaheed BB believed that she would be buried in Zardari family graveyard. She took permission from her husband Asif Zardari to bury her along with her father in GariKhudaBux. She visited her ancestral graveyard and directed some orders. Is admirer of Money and Power ask for death like this in a brave way?

Benazir Bhutto in her 30 years of political career did struggle for 24 years in opposition, and hardly ruled 4.5 years in government in her two time term. Both times her government failed to complete term. Her political opponents used to call him a security risk for country. To fight with security risk General Zia took services of GM Syed and General Musharraf took AltafHussian services. SCs verdict in Asghar Khan Case had exposed many faces who did conspiracy against Benazir Bhutto, but not a single person gets punishment. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto is buried along with her father, mother and two brothers and her children still waiting for Justice.

People usually say that when PPP was in govt why they failed to arrest BBs killer? PPP government made UN inquiry commission to probe Benazirs assassination. If you wanted to know the real story of that commission you should read the book of Heraldo Munoz, the head of that commission, you will come to know that killer was more powerful than the government and thats why the prosecutor Chaudhary Zulfiqar was killed while chasing the murderer. The biggest mistake made by PPP was they accepted the NRO which was earlier rejected by Benazir Bhutto in her life. They dither to do trail of Musharraf and they get the result in shape of Memogate.

They used PPP again and insulted them in return. It could be better if PPP would have outfaced for the trial of the killer which was listed by Benazir Bhutto, but Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif both of them did compromise while doing Musharrafs trial. What they get in return? Today, PPP is facing new allegations of corruption, but history tells us Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif needed each ones help whenever they get in problem. The both of them should now bring democracy in their respective parties and stop being used by hands of other; or else they also have to sacrifice their lives in order to ensure their loyalty like Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.