Dubai: Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, will host the 5G is ON forum as part of the SAMENA Leaders Summit, scheduled for Thursday 18th April 2019. Huawei will explore the 5G readiness of the region and engage in discussions exploring the large-scale deployment and commercialization of 5G.

Private and public sector industry leaders will take part in Huaweis subforum to discuss how emerging 5G-enabled intelligent services and innovations can help operators identify new business opportunities and thereby achieve growth.

SAMENA Leaders Summit is a platform for private and government sector leaders in the telecommunications sector to discuss opportunities and challenges in the industry. Attracting delegates from across 29 regional nations, this year the summit invites industry partners to discuss how emerging 5G-enabled services and innovations will start to take shape in the region.

Under the summit theme Early Proliferation of 5G Vital to Building the Digital Economy, Huawei will partake in several key discussions. They include the high-level leaders roundtable conversation addressing the impact of 5G, industry 4.0, cross-industry engagement and digital enablement. Huawei will also be a key contributor to the leaders panel discussion, addressing the topic of enabling and transitioning to an inclusive 5G ecosystem.

Alongside the various key discussions, Huawei will also present its latest 5G end-to-end solutions within a dedicated exhibition area. This will include leading 5G-ready technologies such as chipsets and consumer devices, network infrastructure, and bespoke solutions for over 280 global industry partners.