Karachi: The investigation against Director General of Karachi development authority Nasir Abbas were stopped after the interference of an important figure in the system, Sources told  Sindh Post.

According to sources the Director General did fraud in his Passport documents by hiding his identity as a government employee. On his Passport he mentioned his occupation as business owner.

Passport Form of DG KDA Nasir Abbas

It clearly mounts to miss declaration ,  perjury, cheating and fraud and the person has deliberately miss declared his profession as businessman whereas he is a government employee.

DG K.D.A can be booked under claim of miss declaration while applying for ex Pakistan leave and might have miss guided many international agencies during visa process.

The Director General did fraud on his Passport number A-****77. As a government employee he is also carrying Canadian Nationality. The investigations were completed in the first phase which are now at halt after interface of the powerful person, said Sources.

Spokesman for Karachi Development authority told media that The Director General is aware of investigations against him and he is a law abiding citizen. He further said that DG will defend himself as per the law if anything comes out against him.