ISLAMABAD: Asad Umar, Chairman of National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance on Wednesday said that the inflation will continue to rise for the next few months while then it will dropdown.

Talking to a private TV channel during an interview he said, “As a Finance Minister I have made several suggestions and one was to avoid taking International Monetary Fund (IMF) package but other experts were suggesting that we are bound to take the bailout package to avoid any further circumstances.”

On a question about Prime Minister Imran Khan, he said, “He is the captain of the team and thinking to replace with me a batsman who can make centuries while Hafeez Sheikh has just played two balls of his innings.”

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has an idea that whether Asad Umar is in the cabinet or not he will remain a key figure of his team,” he added.

“The inflation will rise in the coming few months while then it will go down,” he concluded.