ISLAMABAD: Canada based woman who was harassed by some hoodlums in the suburbs of the federal capital has pardoned the arrested suspects.

As per details, a Canadian woman has taken back her registered case in a formal written application to the police against the said hoodlums. According to the application she has pardoned the harassers.

Earlier on April 16, a woman hailed from Canada was harassed by hoodlums at the federal capital here.

According to details, a female who hailed from Canada and shifted to Pakistan after marrying a Pakistani guy was harassed by a group of hoodlums in Islamabad.

According to a social media post by the female, the said group also followed her and were continuously asking for her number and address from her cabs captain.

The police, however, have sent the said matter to the relative SP.

The woman has also registered a complaint against the police on the said matter at PMs citizen portal.

Later on, the police arrested the hoodlums involved in harassing the woman.