New York (Shoukat Zardari): Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz (JSQM) USA, staged protest against enforced disappearances of political workers, writers and students, in front of the United Nations headquarters here on Wednesday.

Protesters were holding banners with pictures of slain Jiye Sindh workers and leaders and were chanting slogans for justice and release of their workers, which they believe are illegally abducted by the Pakistani law enforcement agencies.

Asad Laghari was found dead two days ago in a friends house

JSQM USA Organizer Dr Sarang Ansari told Sindh Post that Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz Belives in the peaceful political struggle for the independence, but state is continuously  using military to suppress our voice of basic human right of self determination.

JSQM USA Leader Mr. Habib Bhutto said that more than 150 political workers, writers and intellectuals from various parts of Sindh were kidnapped in the presence of police but the families are not told about their whereabouts yet.

Another Senior Party Workers Dr. Hyder Lashari demanded the world powers and the United Nations to help them get justice in the extrajudicial murder of their party leaders and workers by the state.

Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz workers also shown concern over the death of  young student Asad Laghari, the only son of Sindh United Party’s slain Anwar Laghari and Nephew of the chairman Sindhi foundation  Mr. Munawar Laghari. “We demand free and fair inquiry as we believe its a cold blooded murder’, said Atta Vistro.

Dr Sharjeel Soomro and Mr. Sharif Bhambro were also among the protesters  and owned the vies of the leaders.

On the other hand the state of Pakistan has repeatedly denied of being involved in such abductions but ground realities tell stories different than the state version.