Hyderabad: The family of rape victim Muskan Lashari in a press conference has blamed Pakistan Peoples Party leaders of Tangwani and Kashmore for Harassment to withdraw case against Khalid Mirani.

While talking to media at Hyderabad press club on Sunday Sadaf Lashari, the sister of an 11 year old victim said that in October 2016 we submitted medical report which proved that the said acused has raped Muskan. After that submission the influential have made our life miserable and using different harassing tactics to withdraw from the case.

The further said that under the influence of government they tried to form a board for medical examination which we did not trust and requested court to issue orders against the board. We also meet DG health Hyderabad and presented him the receipt  of the medical report in his office which he said has not received yet. later on upon inquiry he found that his assistant Ayoub Sheikh did not present him the copy, Said Sadaf Lashari.

She further said that we are very poor but will not withdraw from the case at any cost. They urged PPP leadership and Sindh government to take notice of local PPP leaders interference in the case.