ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the Pakistani nation will be standing by their Kashmiri brethren unless they secure freedom from the Indian occupation.

Addressing the main ceremony in Islamabad today (Friday) to express solidarity with Kashmiris, he said we share the grief and pain of the people of occupied Kashmir and fully stand by them.

The Prime Minister said the message from Pakistan is loud and clear that Pakistani nation will continue struggle for freedom of occupied Kashmir.

Imran Khan warned that India will be given a befitting response if it attempts to launch any misadventure in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

He said there are reports that India may resort to an operation in Azad Kashmir to divert international attention from inhuman situation in Occupied Kashmir. He said Pakistan Army is fully prepared to thwart any external aggression.

He, however, said that the world should realize that clash between two nuclear armed countries might result into loss to the whole world. He said he has already told the world leaders of the repercussions of this conflict, if they do not play their due role in resolving the Kashmir situation.

The Prime Minister said during his address at the UN General Assembly, he will expose the true face of India. He said in his diplomatic campaign after the illegal steps taken by India on 5th of this month, he apprised all the important world leaders of the appalling situation in Occupied Kashmir.

Imran Khan said another campaign will be started soon with the message to lift curfew from Occupied Kashmir. He said during the campaign, important international figures and celebrities will be involved to raise the issue of human plight and tragedy in Occupied Kashmir at all international forums.

The Prime Minister regretted that response of the international community is muted when Muslims face persecution. He urged the world to break its silence and stop India from its brutalities against Kashmiris.

Imran Khan vowed that he, being the ambassador of Kashmir, will fight the case of Kashmir at every intentional forum. He said his article published in New York Times today gives a glimpse to the world about the brutal environment the Kashmiris are facing. The Prime Minister said he also described in detail in his article the RSS ideology dominating India.  The Prime Minister warned that if this ideology is not stopped, it will resonate the environment of Nazi Germany that resulted into World War II in which around 60 million people were killed.

Imran Khan said it is important to understand the type of government in India that has unleashed a wave of barbarity on Kashmiris. He said the incumbent Indian government is staunch follower of the ideology and philosophy of RSS. The RSS was established in 1925 with the idea of superiority of Hindus and hatred against Muslims. Its roots are based on revulsion and fanaticism. He said the manifesto of RSS was either to expel Muslims from India or to turn them into second class citizens. And the latter is being witnessed in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir today.

He said even the moderate people in India are facing the consequences of this ideology. This ideology has negated the secular philosophy of Indian political stalwarts like Nehru and Gandhi. He said even Gandhi was killed by an RSS fanatic.

Mentioning plight of the Kashmiris, the Prime Minister said around eight million Kashmiris have been under curfew for the last four weeks with total communication blockade and shortage of food and medicines.

Radio Pakistan Islamabad correspondent Amanullah Sipra reports that the ceremony began with playing of national anthem of Pakistan and the anthem of Azad Kashmir.

Ministers, MNAs, officials, public servants, students of schools, colleges and universities and people from various walks of life participated in the ceremony, waving both Pakistani and Kashmiri flags. The participants raised slogans of Long Live Pakistan and Kashmir Will Become Pakistan.

Radio Pakistan