Sialkot: Pakistan’s Railway Minister and Muslim league (Nawaz) leader Khuwaja Saad Rafiq has said that the minority (Imran Khan) wants to impose its policies on majority but we will not let their conspiracies succeed.

Saad, while talking at PMLN worker’s convention said, People have voted Nawaz Sharif to run the Government and will again vote PMLN. we will not let minority to dictate us what to do.

“We have  tolerated foul language of those who had no role in founding the country. When we were imprisoned during dictatorial regimes, they used to wander across the world.”

They staged a drama just after a year we got into power, they had dig graves outside parliament house but we dealt it politically, ” we locked our workers to avoid civil war in the country” said Saad Rafiq.

He further said that the people have not forgotten the history when in 1970, a Majority was resisted to power that resulted the Country apart.

He slammed opponents saying the ones who have got nothing are pushed forth to stage a drama. But he did not clearly said that who is pushing forth their opponents.

PTI chief Imran khan is known as a trouble maker for Prime minister Sharif as he demanded the judicial commission for Panama leaks probe and now a five member bench is hearing Panama case on daily basis.

This is not the first time that Imran Khan is criticized by PMLN leaders.