Islamabad: (Media Reports) A five member bench of The Supreme court of Pakistan started hearing of high profile Panama case on Friday, Pakistani media reported

The counsel for Prime Minister Shahid Hamid in response to court about  FIR’s lodged in in 1990’s and after coup in 1999 defended  Ishaq Dar over his confessional statement about money laundering during Hudaibia Paper mills case and said that Mr. Dar is denying this statement and has called it an act under pressure during his days in the Jail.

Is Ishaq Dar totally denying his confessional statement? asked Justice Gulzar.

Yes this statement was taken under pressure during the days of detention, replied Shahid Hamid.

Shahid Hamid Further told the honorable court that Ishaq Dar’s Statement is just a piece of paper and shall be considered like that.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa in remarks said, ” it is not a piece of Paper but an important evidence in the case”.

Senior Journalist Abdul Qayoom Siddiqi from Geo News during his Live Facebook stream with other journalists emphasized that Prime Minister counsel has made this case more weak by bringing Ishaq dar’s confessional statement in $12 Million money laundering case registered in 1994 and investigated by FIA in the past.

Senior Journalists during the Facebook stream called it a weak point for defense counsel to get his client free from the money laundering allegations.

The hearing was adjourned the high profile Panama leaks case till Monday. The Court also directed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Counsel to present the details of Sharif Family’s ancestral properties and assets by Monday, Reported Pakistani Media.